Q:What are the advantages of ceramic coils?

A: Main advantages: longer lifespan, better flavor, less spit.

Q: Why did the e-cigarette leak overnight?

A: It depends on many factors. Please consult our service department for details.

Q: Can I wash the coil with water?

A: This is not recommended. Because cleaning the coil will not prolong its life.

Q: Should I change the coil if I want to try other flavors?

A: It is recommended to replace the coil to enjoy the pure taste. Otherwise, the old-rolled cotton contains old juice, affecting the flavor.

Q: Why does the taste change after filling several times?

A: Because the coil head in the ink cartridge has a life limit. After many uses, the cotton and heat-generating materials in the coil head will become less effective and even cause dry strikes. Therefore, if you find that the smell has faded, it usually means that the life of the cartridge is coming to an end.

Q: Will the automatic drawing device automatically fire in the pocket?

A: No, the air sensor controls the automatic wire-pulling device. When you exhale on the device, sensors detect the airflow and keep the machine working. So no airflow through the engine, no work.

Q: What does it mean to check the nebulizer?

A: Check the atomizer or no atomizer: the device does not detect the atomizer (coil resistance>3.5ohm). It’s an open circuit problem and doesn’t work.